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Zero Point Organics

Chef’s use of microgreens adds a unique twist to several of our dishes, such as the edible micro-herbs that accent our spring Pappardelle pasta. We source our microgreens from Zero Point Organics; a local grower of some of the most unique, specialty microgreens available in the market.

James Hinton started farming Zero Point Organics in 2017 and developed a perfect growing site for his microgreens where he makes custom blended soils with proprietary formulas for better nutrition and flavor enhancement. These soils are vital to the quality which cannot be reproduced in hydroponic environments. Zero Point Organics grows the most nutritious, sustainable, creative, and flavorful greens in Houston. By delivering their products to us with roots still in the soil, we harvest the microgreens to order, making Zero Point Organics one of the freshest weapons in Chef Eduardo’s culinary arsenal.


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