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Whether your interests lie in our exclusive, boutique wine concept, our brilliant and creative culinary program, or our friendly and generous hospitality model, we have a place for your passion and dedication at Mutiny Wine Room.

Vision Statement

Mutiny Wine Room brings the wine-country tasting experience to Houston, Texas.  We will elevate the wine experience and broaden the fine wine offerings available in our market.  Mutiny Wine Room will create connections between wine lovers and the hands, hearts, and minds of the artists that create great wine.       


Mission Statement

Mutiny Wine Room’s mission is to create, educate, promote, and support a community of fine wine & food consumers in Houston, TX.  By providing an authentic wine-tasting venue and superb culinary program, we deliver a unique, elevated wine & food experience to our guests.

Mutiny Wine Room is an exclusive outlet for small, boutique wine producers.  We promote artisan farmers and winemakers that engage in low-impact, sustainable production and connect them with a community and a market in which their brands can grow.

Mutiny Wine Room employs a committed team with a passion for hospitality, education, and community.  Hospitality is defined as ‘the friendly and generous reception of others’ and is a core value at Mutiny Wine Room.  Delivering hospitality to our guests starts with hospitality between all employees, management, and owners. We treat each other with respect, promote each individual’s talents, and support each other’s needs.

We value education at Mutiny Wine Room.  We are able to educate our guests because we educate ourselves.  We are constantly learning at Mutiny Wine Room, and by elevating our knowledge, we elevate ourselves and those around us.  

We seek to create and sustain a community at Mutiny Wine Room.  Participation in our community sets the foundation for participation in the larger community around us.  Utilizing our core values of hospitality, education, commitment, and community we strive to make a lasting, positive impact in Houston, TX.            


Core Values

At Mutiny Wine Room, our core values are driven by the Thoughtful, Local, Sustainable Sourcing of Exceptional Products that we utilize to:

  • Elevate Hospitality: unparalleled hospitality for Guests and Team

  • Advance Education:  always be learning, there is no downside to education

  • Inspire Commitment:  to Team, to Work, and to Self

  • Create Community:  participate internally, commercially, locally, globally

  • Delivering a great experience to our guests starts with hospitality between our team and our model is rooted in treating each other with respect, promoting individuals’ talents, and supporting each other’s needs.


In addition to highly competitive compensation, we offer employee healthcare, flexible work schedules, and career advancement opportunities.


We are looking for team members with a passion for our industry, education, and our community to help us elevate the local wine and food-pairing experience.

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