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A Few Words from Our Chef

“It is a real blessing and a great exciting opportunity being a Chef these days in Houston. 

That’s my deep feeling about being a part of the space city’s culinary landscape, because of the infinite cultural diversity, being placed next to Mexico on the map and being a destination hub for people from all over the world.

The access to amazing seasonal seafood, farmers markets, great meat, dairy products and fresh vegetables are always a first source of inspiration. Then comes California’s wine country which is where a big part of Mutiny Wine comes from, with its bounty and wonderful wines; this connects deeply with my country of origin, Chile, which shares a harmonic in its landscape and offerings.

The last piece of the puzzle comes from my traveling to places like California where I have learned of the deep relationship between wine and food, Thailand and Japan with their distinct cultures and exciting cuisines, Chile and its long and wild geography, and last but not least, Texas and its wide scope of influential food practices from BBQ and its sultry smoke, the coastal areas and the central and northern parts with its distinct culture.


Thank you, Houston, and thank you Mark and Emily for this great opportunity."

-Chef Eduardo Alcayaga


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