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1836 Olive Oil

We sat down with Chef to discuss his love for Texas-based 1836 Olive Oil

I grew up having wonderful olive oils from Chile, my country of origin, and Spain. 1836 is the best of both worlds for me because it has enough buttery mouthfeel without being cloying. Also, I love the overall balance of sweetness and touch of piquant with which it finishes. I have developed a new recipe for one of our summer dishes featuring this OIive Oil, which is a gazpacho of golden teardrop baby tomatoes with 1836 and Muscadel wine – yes, only three ingredients! I love a cuisine that focuses on the quality of the ingredients and aims to bring out the best flavor in them. The gazpacho is garnished with our house-made sourdough Einkorn baguette slice topped with tomatoes and Maldon sea salt.

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